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LEARN BY FUN EVALUATION BOOKS – A new way of creative learning

Enjoying a carefree childhood has become a mirage shimmering in the eyes of students now a day. Their tender shoulders are burdened with the weight of school bags. Technology has kept the entire universe at our fingertips, but this has lead to urge for more knowledge and thus ultimately more burden to children.

To bridge the inadequacies of the present education system, LBF changed the approach towards child education and came up with an innovative programme to supplement prescribed training models. Initiated from Nursery and extending upto class 8th this innovative programme is a combination of Communication Techniques (English & Hindi), including translation. This technique works on brilliancy development and emphasizes on establishing strong foundation in students.

The content included in these books are very practical, precise and in tabulation form that makes it very easy to understand and remember. The lightweight of books reduces physical burden of school bag from kid’s shoulder, hence making them less tired and more active. Apart from benefits to students, LBF helps schools in maintaining quality education standards even in higher employee turnover. The easy and thoughtful formation of books allows parents to teach their kids at home so it obliterates the need of tuitions.

The major characteristic of these books is that they promote distributed learning or revision that enables student to remember the subject for a longer term in a creative manner.

To fabricate life-long learners, it is important to show children that learning is not just something that they are evaluated at certain hours of the day or certain times of the year. They should let hang on to the natural joy of learning that every child is born with, to help them see that learning new things is fun, and to help them realize that learning can take place anywhere and at anytime.



There is no magic formula to academic excellence that will give forthwith results that schools are running after. As the old adage “Practice makes perfect”, it is important for students to practice and understand the basic fundamentals rather than cramming/mugging the subject.

Malcolm Gladwel, in his book, Outliers, suggests that it takes 10,000 hours of revision to become expert at something and remember the material long-term.

Distributed practice is more effective than revising one subject in a block and then moving on to the next. It has been proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that meaningful learning is promoted when distributed revision and methodological study is conducted. In contrast, massed revision or cramming promotes rote learning.

To provide parameters and methodology for acquiring command over subject, Learn By Fun Books (LBF Books) can boast of being the only methodology that has scientific repetition and revision techniques imbibed in their books. LBF has become the guiding light for over 10,000 schools across India. It is the latest technique of brilliancy development. This is the latest education technique in which things which are meant to be taught in the childhood are taught to the children to gain proficiency and command on both English as well as Hindi language and along with that, it makes them perfect in translation in both the languages.

Along with making master-mind in Mathematics and through specially designed books of Environmental Studies, General Knowledge, Toddler Training and Drawing, this technique makes the base of children very strong in a very simple and easy manner.


Said goals are achieved by consistent repetition and revision and yet making study joyful.

Practice as if you are the worst; perform as if you are the best.